Famous "Slim Smoothie"

The Make-At-Home Weight Loss Shake

Making your Slim Smoothie

What you will need

  1. A blender
  2. Raw, whole vegetables and sprouts
  3. Raw, whole fruit
  4. Frozen fruit and/or ice cubes
  5. Water
  6. Rice milk and/or soymilk
  7. Herbs and supplements
  8. A transport container with lid


  1. Fill your blender container halfway with raw vegetables and sprouts.
  2. Fill your blender the rest of the way with fresh fruit and frozen fruit and/or ice cubes.
  3. Add approximately 2 to 4 cups of water and a ½ cup of rice milk or soymilk.
  4. Blend the ingredients until liquefied.
  5. Drink and enjoy!


If the Slim Smoothie comes out too thick, I add extra rice milk or water to thin it out. Most blenders create heat during processing that can destroy some enzymes, and that's why it's important to add ice cubes and/or frozen fruit and enough water during blending to keep the food cool, preserve the enzymes and help make the drink fluid and drinkable.


At this level, use more fruit and sweeter fruits such as bananas, cherries or pears. The recipe should initially contain selected mild vegetables such as carrots, Napa cabbage, and cucumber, and fewer vegetables overall. Additionally, water with soy or rice milk should be added to the drink.


A blended recipe can include proportionally more veggies as compared to fruit and water as the base without juice, rice or soy milk. Use a very small amount of sprouts (1/8 to ¼ cup) since the taste may become too strong to make the drink enjoyable.


At this stage, the Slim Smoothie should contain more vegetables, very little fruit and some sprouts blended with pure, filtered water - no added rice milk. You may add your supplements and green herbal blends to the drink. Advanced students may also choose to add sprouted sesame seeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted flaxseed, sprouted beans, or sprouted grains.

Just like in any other endeavor, in health it is very important that you progress by mastering one stage or step at a time. That is why there are beginning, intermediate and advanced blending stages for the Slim Smoothie. The first time you make the drink, it must be tasty enough so that you will continue to drink it everyday. Everyone, regardless of their overall health or age, should start as a beginner and then progress to the advanced level as soon as their comfort level permits the changes in taste and texture.

My blended Slim Smoothie energy drink recipes are different almost every morning or noontime. A typical Slim Smoothie might include watermelon, with two to four carrots, one vine ripe tomato, one apple, blueberries, strawberries, a banana and sugar beets. I recommend growing your own sprouts, but if you don’t have time to grow sprouts, you can buy packaged sprouts at the market.

Some people have been led to believe that it is best to not combine fruit with vegetables. However, in over twenty years of helping people to embrace this concept of blending rather than juicing, I have noticed the addition of fruit is necessary to keep the drink palatable. I also suspect that primitive man probably foraged through the rain forests gathering various vegetables and fruit and mixing them by eating them together without concern about digestive juice mixing or other confusing beliefs put forward by certain health advocates.

With a daily Slim Smoothie in your diet, your blood sugar will be perfect. If you are diabetic, blood sugar levels can be improved with a daily Slim Smoothie containing more vegetables than fruit, combined with a decrease in the intake of fatty greasy, concentrated sugary foods during the rest of the day. I have measured the insulin and blood glucose levels of hundreds of people who drink a blended Slim Smoothie everyday, and there have been astonishing results and improved levels within nine days.

Nick Delgado,

Ph.D., CHT, Diplomat American Academy Anti-Aging Medicine

One of the world’s leading experts in anti-aging and author of ten books, Dr. Nick Delgado is a media personality who lectures about how to restore vitality and zest of life to youthful levels. Called ”the Tiger Woods of Anti-Aging” by Ronald Klatz, President of the American Anti-Aging Acadamy. Nick has quickly been gaining notoriety as a champion of stem cell research and is a pioneer in the field of stem cell treatment for the purpose of Anti- Aging.


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