Blending Tips and Tricks For Maintaining an Effective Smoothie Diet

Choosing the best blender for your budget

Again, when making a whole food Health Smoothie, DO NOT use a juicer, use a BLENDER! The best blender to use for a whole food Smoothie is a Vitamix, Bosch or K-tech. They are high-quality blenders and they come with a large container that can hold up to 60 ounces. They have a strong motor that lasts for years and save time because they quickly liquefy the mixture of vegetables, hard carrots, fruit and supplements. A high-power blender has a strong enough motor to actually blend and retain the fiber.

These high-quality blenders are investments in the $430 range, and the savings created by using a blender instead of a juicer are enormous when you consider the fact that no food volume is wasted, not to mention the decrease in health care costs which will be created by your new levels of health and energy.

Affordable and powerful blenders

You may also buy a simple blender at WalMart or most drug stores for between $39 and $89. These blenders work fine, provided they have a motor with at least 425-watts or more, so that they are strong enough to blend vegetables. A blender with a weak motor may not survive daily whole food Smoothies, so it's best to get a blender that has at least a 425-watt motor. Also, most of these less expensive units come with a container that is 40 oz instead of 60 oz. If the blender has a small pitcher (less than 40 oz), you may have to blend two batches instead of one. Some units such as Hamilton Beach come with a two-year limited warrantee. At that price, even if the blender breaks, it can be replaced for a minor cost. Hamilton Beach also has an 800 number and a website,, where you can order a larger container of up to 60 oz for only $15 dollars extra.

I use an Oster or a Hamilton Beach for my travel blender. There are various blenders that are probably just as good, as long as they have a strong motor. I take my less expensive blender with me on the road and it fits in the trunk of my car or in my suitcase when I travel.

Transporting your Slim Smoothie

The transport container can be a two quart container with a lid that can be opened and closed as you drink or sip. It does take time to consume the 32 to 60 ounces of blended slim smoothie, so you need a good container that is spill proof. In the past, I have accidentally spilled an entire blended drink from an open container – as you can imagine, this was a mess that took a lot of effort to clean up. A good container or large straw will make it easy to drink the entire amount everyday. You can walk around in the morning getting ready for work and even take the container with you in the car on the way to work. This will allow you enough time to consume sufficient quantities of drink necessary to get the full benefits from blending.

The moment you decide to blend on a regular basis you will notice a big difference in your health and energy. The days you forget to blend you may notice less energy, stiffer joints and deeper wrinkles in the face due to dehydration. I have convinced thousands of people to start blending instead of juicing and every one of them has noticed a huge difference within nine days.

Tips for fast and efficient blending

You must have a blended drink on a daily basis to gain the maximum benefits from the whole foods. I know you can be successful if you follow these steps:

  • Set your blender on the kitchen counter top, ready to use at all times rather than stored in a cabinet where you may forget about it. Human nature is such that if you see the blender ready to go, it is more likely that you will use it.
  • Have a cutting board ready for some minor preparation to cut, remove stems and seeds or clean vegetables and fruit.
  • Use sufficient water, soy or rice milk and ice in the drink so the consistency comes out smooth. The water line should come up to over half or three fourths of the blender line for proper blending of all the harder chunks of vegetables.
  • The moment you pour out the blended concoction, immediately rinse the blender and any cutting utensils with fresh, hot water. Vegetables, fruit and sprouts easily rinse with water down the disposal after blending. However, if you wait to clean the blender pitcher later with the rest of the dishes, the thick, almost caked-on layer of vegetable matter will be much harder to clean. The common excuse of not wanting to “do the dishes” may give you a false reason to not want to blend again.

The whole process from putting vegetables, fruit and water in the blender to pouring out the completed drink, to rinsing the pitcher and utensils can be done in less than eight minutes - the time you would usually take to brew some coffee in the morning. If you don’t have time to blend in the morning, then blend in the afternoon or evening. The key is that you do it on a daily basis to gain the youth-extending benefits of fat loss, increased energy and total body hydration.

Nick Delgado,
Ph.D., CHT, Diplomat American Academy Anti-Aging Medicine

One of the world’s leading experts in anti-aging and author of ten books, Dr. Nick Delgado is a media personality who lectures about how to restore vitality and zest of life to youthful levels. Called ”the Tiger Woods of Anti-Aging” by Ronald Klatz, President of the American Anti-Aging Acadamy. Nick has quickly been gaining notoriety as a champion of stem cell research and is a pioneer in the field of stem cell treatment for the purpose of Anti- Aging.

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